I am available for scheduling virtual sessions. 

Please email us at info@ourcollectivespace.com to set up a free consultation with me. 

Offering Individual Trauma Therapy

I believe that each person has a beautiful and innate ability to heal from trauma. Folks I work with are engaged in work related to sexual violence, domestic violence, child abuse, self-harm, suicidality and other various forms of trauma. I work collaboratively with folks, highlighting the strengths they are bringing to the work.


I engage with trauma work from a mind and body approach; acknowledging that the body also tells the story and has the power to aid you in healing. I believe it critical to engage in trauma work from an anti-opressive and intersectional lens. I hold space for how your various identities can intersect and at the same time, I also hold and welcome into the room the various ways systems of oppression impact your life and engage with trauma.

Clinical Experience

My first job after college was at a domestic violence safe house and I have worn many hats following this experience. I have been a case manager, advocate and worked in the prevention field as well. I came to be a therapist as I felt more at home in this role. Currently, I am also a contract therapist at The DC Rape Crisis Center. I hold a B.A. in Women & Gender Studies and a Masters degree in Social Work. Out of the classroom and workforce, I also owe my knowledge, growth, insight and passion to my lived experiences, my family, the communities I am a part of and of course, every single person I have had the privilege to work with.

More about me....

I am a Spanish-speaking Peruvian immigrant woman. I live in DC with my partner and our dog, Koa (pictured here). I enjoy reading, hiking and seeing how many more plants I can fit into my home. I try to welcome laughter, sunshine and delicious food into my life as much as possible!