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I currently have a waitlist for new clients at this time. If you are interested in being added to my waitlist, please email me at to set up a free consultation with me. I work with clients that reside in DC, Virginia, and Colorado. 

Offering Individual & Group Therapy

In my practice, it is my goal to support clients to embrace all the parts of them in healing from trauma. When working with those that have experienced trauma, I've found that individuals can feel shame over how they've survived, what they've experienced, or who they are. In our sessions, we come together to learn the various ways you've survived and understand how they serve you currently. You don't need fixing or saving; instead, we work together to find deeper understanding, compassion, and acceptance of yourself. I focus on building an empathic relationship with my clients to align their physical, mental, emotional, and social goals with therapy.

The clients that I tend to work with the most are those that have experienced sexual trauma, developmental trauma, eating disorders and body image, and those going through life transitions. 

I lead Our Resilience, a healing group for survivors of sexual assault, abuse, and violence. 

Alex Swales

Life can be messy, chaotic, and complicated; therapy reminds me of spring cleaning.

Together, we take stock of what brings you joy and what you can let go of. We discover things that might've gotten lost over time. And most importantly, we take time to compassionately tend to areas of yourself that need a little care.

I am a queer and curious clinician that uses a liberation and strengths-based lens. 

Clinical Experience

My practice is focused on creating space for individuals to accept and embrace themselves fully. I am trained in Level 1 of Sensorimotor therapy and also use Internal Family Systems, mindfulness, and relational therapy to achieve this mission in working with clients. 

I currently also work as a part-time group facilitator therapist at WINGS Foundation in Denver, CO. I am deeply passionate about working with survivors of sexual violence and am privileged to have this role in addition to my own private practice.

I believe there is a deep connection between self and community in trauma and healing. While my mission is for individuals to take up space and embrace their full selves, it is incredibly harmful to dismiss and neglect the impact of the systems within we survive. In my practice, I seek out education and opportunities that support my goals to provide trauma-informed, anti-oppressive services. 

Additionally, I have been exploring alternative methods of healing and have begun to develop a deeper connection to breathwork. I was certified in breathwork in July 2022 and now integrate this modality into my work with clients. Read more information on breathwork on my website,

More about me....

When I’m not in therapist mode, I enjoy running, paddleboarding, baking delicious gluten-free treats (I have celiac) and being close to the water. I love spending time with my friends and family. In non-Pandemic times, I love to travel and so far have been to 33 countries. 


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