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Our Intuition is a drop-in group using tarot and breathwork to tune into intuition and centers imagination as a tool in healing. 

The workshop will begin with a check-in and introductions from Georgie & Alex. Each workshop will invite you to bring a topic, an area of growth, or something that you want to explore more using tarot and breathwork. Following the introductions, we'll connect with our intentions and tarot led by Georgie. From this, we'll continue to explore what came up in tarot with breathwork. We'll close with an option to share or journal and some grounding. 


Read more about breathwork here.

If you'd like to practice and watch a video about it, click here

Read more about using tarot to support your mental health here.

***This group is currently paused and will return at a date TBD. ***

Attending the group live and receiving the recording is $20. There are sponsorship options and reduced rate options. 

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