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I am unable to take on new clients at this time. Check out "Our Partners" for clinicians with availability. For folks who are interested in clinical supervision, please email 

Offering Individual Therapy and Clinical Supervision

I use a somatic approach woven into traditional talk therapy. I am certified in both Brainspotting and EMDR which are brain based therapies that support healing through regulating your nervous system.  As a queer, mixed race Puerto Rican woman who holds white privilege, I acknowledge how different identities shape our lived experience and pay special attention to how your various identities intersect and shape your own healing.  

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I work with the understanding that no matter what you've experienced and no matter what you are feeling: you are not broken. I trust that your physical and emotional responses hold truths that are essential to your joy, creativity, and purpose. I feel truly honored to do this work.

More on my approach:

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Clinical Experience

I am grateful to have connected with some wonderful teachers, mentors, and clients who have guided me and shaped my current understanding of trauma work. Because of this foundation, I was able to serve as the Clinical Director of both the DC Rape Crisis Center and later of the Viva Center while also supporting clients through individual and group psychotherapy. I've taught several courses on psychotherapy at Catholic University along with an annual Trauma Informed Clinical Practice Class from 2016-2021.

More about me....

I live in DC with a small, fiercely brave dog named Neville (pictured here) and a cat with excellent boundaries named Moes.

Additionally, my sister has a pretty phenomenal instagram account related to healing trauma as a bodyworker that I recommend to everyone.

I spend lots of my free time outdoors and believe being in nature to be one of the most powerful forms of healing that exists. 

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