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I am accepting new patients and available for scheduling in-person and virtual sessions. 

Please email us at to set up a free consultation with me. 

Offering trauma therapy for individual adults age 18+

Therapy is a space to explore, name and learn from one's experiences, oppressions, feelings and somatic responses and can be a tremendous gateway to healing and change. All are welcome in this space. I specialize in grief and loss - anticipatory, complicated, traumatic, and acute, developmental trauma, attachment trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem as well as life transitions.

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I offer a warm, empathetic, non-judgemental presence, centering the space to one's lived and ancestral experiences, and therapeutic intentions. I work collaboratively to create a safe and trusting space. I aim to make mind and body connections, to open space for self-compassion, to facilitate awareness of emotions - both the comfortable and uncomfortable ones - and what they have to say, to create healthy flexible boundaries and to develop coping strategies.


I identify as a white, cisgendered, female and understand this is a privileged identity. I am attuned to the identities of race, class, sex, gender, sexuality, body type and national origin you hold and use an anti-oppression framework to help facilitate tending to and mending the parts of you that feel shame or pain from the impact of oppression.

Clinical Experience

In addition to my work with Our Collective, I work as a therapist at Innovative Clinical Associates, an outpatient community mental health clinic in MD. I served as a graduate grief therapist with adolescents and adults at the Wendt Center for Loss and Healing. I received my MSW from Catholic University and I have a Masters in Public Administration from UMD. Prior to therapy, I worked in education administration for 10 years and as a grassroots organizer and social justice advocate. 

I have a Level I Certificate for Advanced Trauma Treatment and I am trained in EMDR and receive monthly consultation for this modality. I am embarking on deepening my understanding and use of Internal Family Systems through an 8 week course starting in February of 2023. In addition to formal graduate and professional development training, my lived experiences, mentors, and clients have been invaluable teachers.  I am currently practicing under the supervision of Georgiana Mora, LICSW.

More about me....

I am a first generation American, my parents were born in the Netherlands. I've lived in DC for 25 years but grew up in Michigan. I started my social work career by teaching social work in Romania in the mid-90’s. Nothing grounds me more than water, especially Lake Michigan. Hiking brings me great joy, especially in Rock Creek. I love to create through printmaking, writing letters and cooking. I can lose myself in board games, jigsaw puzzles, friends, and music.  And I can never get enough travel!

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