I am accepting new patients and available for scheduling virtual sessions. 

Please email us at info@ourcollectivespace.com to set up a free consultation with me. 

Offering individual therapy for adults age 18+

I believe in helping clients own their stories and draft a courageous new storyline, one that honors and seeks to understand their previous chapters and allows for a new narrative to be crafted. I have journeyed alongside a wide variety of clients whose stories include grief, trauma, anxiety, depression, sexual abuse, addiction, life transitions and challenging relationships.

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I work collaboratively with clients to create a safe and trusting space, one in which they can explore more about themselves. I use a variety of approaches as every client has their own unique story.  I work to make mind and body connections. I aim to support clients in finding and believing in their strengths, making room for self-compassion, listening to their feelings - both the comfortable and uncomfortable ones - to learn what they have to say, creating healthy flexible boundaries and developing coping strategies to help regulate one's nervous systems. I seek to  provide empathy, a non-judgmental listening ear, and support.

Clinical Experience

In addition to private practice, I work as a therapist in an outpatient community mental health clinic in MD serving adults. At the Wendt Center for Loss and Healing I served as a graduate grief counselor, serving adolescents and adults.  I received my MSW from Catholic University and I have a Masters in Public Administration from UMD. Prior to therapy, I served as a talent director for an elementary charter school and as a grassroots organizer and advocate on policy related to poverty, education, hunger and racial justice.  In addition to formal graduate training my lived experiences and current and previous clients have been invaluable teachers. As a lifelong learner, I am completing my Level I Certificate for Advanced Trauma Treatment (anticipated completion December, 2021) and will complete my beginner EMDR training in March, 2022. I am currently practicing under the supervision of Georgiana Mora, LICSW.

More about me....

I am a first generation American, my parents were born in the Netherlands. I've lived in DC for the past 25 years but grew up in Michigan.  Nothing grounds me more than water, especially Lake Michigan. I love to hike in Rock Creek, play board games, spend hours on jigsaw puzzles, bike and I (am trying to) like running. Cooking and music are a passion - hence my love of JazzFest in New Orleans - and I dabble in yoga and meditation. Oh, and traveling, I can never get enough of it!