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Our Resilience Equitable Pricing

We are a collective of trauma therapists dedicated to creating a therapy practice that integrates individual healing with community healing. We recognize that one is not truly possible without the other.


White supremacy and capitalism creates a deep sense of scarcity - that there needs to be a hoarding of resources to create power over others. In healing from trauma, we uplift the impact of these systems and collectively move towards building community through shared, collective resources.


Since we survive in this system of scarcity, equity can feel incredibly uncomfortable. We hold that there is a difference between safety and comfort - and when working with trauma that can be difficult to differentiate. We believe that financial safety allows us to meet our basic and collective needs. Within this system, those with privilege and access may find themselves deeply uncomfortable with providing "more" financial support than others. 


Our Collective is continuously learning how to create an equitable pricing model that supports the sacred energetic exchange of healing. Currently, our model is based on intersections of identity, access, and resources. Below is how we differentiate payment for the Our Resilience group. Please reach out to Alex if you have any questions or suggestions. 

Finding Yourself Within This Model

$600 | 13 sessions | 6 mos.

This rate is for individuals that:

-Choose not to participate in the equitable pricing model

-Does not require sliding scale rates. 

$470-$595 | 13 sessions | 6 mos.

This rate is for individuals that:

- Would need to alter budget to be able to fit this expense. 

-Is able to meet basic needs comfortably. 

-Holds identities that can face barriers to earning potential.

-Employed but have limited excess funds each month without much of a financial safety net.

$325-$465 | 13 sessions | 6 mos.

This rate is for individuals that: 

- Are unemployed or underemployed without a financial safety net. 

- Holds identities that are marginalized by society that creates barriers to earning potential. 

Additional Payment Options

To focus on creating more accessibility to this group, we offer this additional options. If you have any questions, please reach out to Alex Swales at

Payment Plans

Payment plans are available at the frequency that's comfortable for the individual. 

Payment plans can be chosen for bi-weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly. 

Pay What You Can

This rate is for individuals that:

-Would experience financial hardship by meeting $325 over 6 months. 

$600+ | 13 sessions | 6 mos.

This rate is for individuals that: 

-Are interested in paying a higher rate to ensure folks with fewer resources can access therapy. 

-Have access to financial savings and a financial safety net.

-Holds identities that have encourage access rather than face barriers to earning potential. 

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