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I am not starting therapy with new clients at this time. Check out "Our Partners" for recommended trauma therapists within this practice. If you would like to get in touch, email us at

Offering Individual Therapy

I believe each of us has the innate ability to heal from past trauma and pain and nurture our authentic selves. My clients bring varied challenges to therapy including trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, anger, grief, shame, and difficulty with transitions or relationships.


I aim to provide clients with a safe space and serve as an empathetic and non-judgmental listener, trusted guide, and empowering source of support. I help clients engage in self-exploration, identify patterns and strengths, develop self-compassion and confidence, calm down their nervous systems, distinguish past from present, face fears, shift reactions, and thrive. I am currently supervised by Georgiana Mora, LICSW. 


I honor each person’s unique story and take a client-centered approach that takes client's goals, experiences, needs, and strengths into account. I strategically tailor therapy to each individual, drawing from a blend of trauma-informed, psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, expressive, and internal family systems approaches.

I believe therapy can play a powerful role in interrupting cycles of intergenerational trauma and that this process is social justice work. I offer an equitable pricing model rooted in mutuality and collective care to enhance accessibility and interrupt oppressive structures ingrained in our nation’s mental health system. This past year of pandemic has illuminated our interdependence. I invite you to balance individual and community wellbeing throughout your healing journey.

Clinical Experience

Prior to private practice, I worked as a therapist in outpatient community mental health settings in DC serving adults, children, and adolescents. I most recently worked as a school-based therapist as part of DC's school behavioral health expansion program. I also worked clinically at a women's shelter operated by N Street Village. I additionally completed a clinical internship during graduate school. 

I am committed to continuous learning to enhance the quality of my practice and have engaged in post-graduate education after receiving my MSW from the University of Michigan in December, 2018. I completed a nine-month "Trauma-Informed Clinical Practice" certification course taught by Georgiana Mora in 2020. I also completed a nine-month "Fundamental Concepts and Techniques of Dynamic Psychotherapy" certification course at the Washington School of Psychiatry in 2021. I am currently focusing my continuing education on learning the internal family systems (IFS) modality and am integrating this into my practice. 

More about me....

I live in DC and enjoy spending time in nature, engaging in community, trying new restaurants and recipes, and exploring all that this city has to offer. 

Prior to working clinically, I worked for five years on advocacy to end homelessness in America and remain passionate about this mission. I also serve on the Board of Lutheran Volunteer Corps. 

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