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A Support Group for Survivors of Sexual Assault, Abuse, & Violence

Led by Alex Swales

Our Resilience is a support group for survivors of sexual assault, abuse, and violence. This virtual group is intended to create an intentional, safe space for survivors to connect and support each other in their healing from trauma. Each group session will include a check-in, yoga or meditation practice, discussion, and check-out. 

Our Resilience is a space for survivors of sexual trauma to come together and bear witness to the strength and resilience in each other. In creating this space, we recognize the intersection of identities, privilege, and oppression.


Sexual violence is a result and an enforcer of white supremacy, patriarchy, and capitalism. Sexual trauma can happen to anyone, no matter the level of privilege they hold, as sexual violence is a weapon of the system; AND those with identities that intersect with disenfranchised communities are much more likely to experience sexual violence. Therefore, healing from sexual trauma is not only a personal endeavor but a collective endeavor. 

Trauma destabilizes the nervous system. Sexual trauma is an intentional result of the systems of oppression as a way to destabilize and disenfranchise those within the system. Our Resilience focuses on creating space that focuses on connecting and regulating the body when healing from trauma. Yoga and meditation can be important tools in supporting your nervous system when healing from trauma. Alex is grateful these South East Asian and African practices have been shared with her and honored to share the practices in each session as they have been incredibly supportive to her own healing journey.

Our Resilience is a closed group that will have 13 sessions on every week (either Tuesday or Wednesday depending on the time of year it's being offered) from 6:30-8:00pm EST. The support group is open to individuals that identify as women or non-binary and is currently accepting members. This group will be held virtually on zoom.

Membership for the 13 sessions ranges from $325-$650 with payment plans available bi-weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly. As our practice continues to utilize the equitable pricing model, this group will utilize and adjust this model accordingly. Read more information here on the group's equitable pricing. 


Disclaimer: Although Alex is a licensed therapist in DC, this group is not a therapy support group. It is a processing group that emphasizes yoga and community in healing from sexual trauma. Since it is not a therapy group, individuals may reside in DC or anywhere in the US. 

For more information and registration, contact

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